Jönköping university bjuder in till Sustainability day!
Evenemanget är på engelska.

Följ evenemanget via livesändning från kl. 10.30: https://mediacenter.solidtango.com/live/ju-sustainability-day-20-september-2017

08:00-08:10 Welcome
Welcome, Mats Jägstam, Acting President of Jönköping University of Jönköping University
Presentation of the JU Sustainable Team, Marcela Ramírez Pasillas, Project Manager of JU
Sustainable & PRME Manager at JIBS
Place: Room B1033

08:00-10:15 Parallel Workshop 1
“Giving Voice to Values – Preventing Ethical Misconducts and Entrepreneurial Failure”
Entrepreneur Björn Flintberg & Marcela Ramírez Pasillas (JIBS)
Place: Room B1033

08:00-10:15 Parallel Workshop 2
“Sustainability in Practice Certificate (SiP)”
Aldilla Dharmasasmita, Academic Associate at The Green Academy
Place: Room E1423

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-12:00 Keynote
“United Nations Sustainability Goals and their Implementation in Sweden”
Parul Sharma, Counsel and Head of CSR Compliance at Vinge
Place: JU Aula

12:00-14:00 Students Flea market, JU Student Union

13:15-14:45 Presentations & Panel Discussion
“Sustainability Practices”
Jan Willaredt, Head of Environment and Sustainability at Husqvarna Division Thomas
Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainability & Public Affairs at SSAB
Parul Sharma, Counsel and Head of CSR Compliance at Vinge
Scott Hacker, Professor in Applied Econometrics and International Economics (JIBS)
Jenny Jakobsson, Founder of CSR Småland
Sarah Hammoura, Business Developer at E.ON & JIBS Alumni
Moderator: Marcela Ramírez Pasillas (JIBS)
Place: JU Aula

14:45-15:15 Break

15:30-16:45 Presentation
“Flourishing Businesses for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”
Guénola Nonet (JIBS), Sara Ekberg (JIBS) and Claire Sommer (Director at Amin2Flourish)
Guénola Nonet discusses how businesses are doing good in an innovative manner and
introduces the global competition “Amin2Flourish”
Place: JU Aula

16:45-17:00 Award
“JU Sustainable Thesis Award Ceremony”
Place: Room JU Aula